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This policy sets out how we protect your private information and details. We will create robust data protection process and adhere to it. We will also ensure that we fully understand the importance of the private data protection and that data protection is thoroughly implemented.

•How we protect your data
In order to keep your data safe, accurate and updated, we take all necessary measures to implement and manage robust security system in order to protect our users from unauthorized access, loss or destruction of information, unauthorized alteration or disclosure.
•How we use your data
We use your data when we email or send information to reply to your queries or share news or event information.
•Data disclosure or transfer to third parties
We will appropriately retain your personal data unless otherwise requested in the following circumstances;
•With your consent
•For external processing (where our contractor requires your data in order to provide the service you request)
•For legal reasons
•Data security
We take all possible measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal data.
•Accessing and updating your personal information
Where you need to access your information to check, alter or delete all or a part of the data, we will assist you upon successful verification of your identity.
•Compliance and review
We adhere to Japanese Data Protection law and other legal requirements. We also review our compliance with our Privacy Policy in a timely manner where required and improve accordingly.

Please write to one of the following address when you need to contact us regarding our Privacy Policy.

Postal address : 639 Kano Minami-Izu Kamo gun Shizuoka
Email address :