Ropy Lava megingue cookies
Mishima City

Ropy Lava megingue cookies

Potato caramel megingue cookies

Milk, sugar, potato (Mishima product), starch syrup, egg white, butter / bamboo charcoal, (in a part including milk, the egg)

Mt Fuji has erupted many times in its long history. The eruption about 10,000 years ago, expelled vast amount of lava. The flow reached as far as Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture(approximately 27km from the top of the mountain). Due to its low viscosity, the lava flow left a wavy pattern on the surface; as the flow went, the surface instantly solidified. The common name ‘ropy lava’ comes from this surface image resembling a collection of twisted ropes. Ropy lava can be found in many parts of Mishima City, including Shirataki Park and Rakujuen Municipal Park.