Fossil Larger Foraminifera nougat
Izu City

Fossil Larger Foraminifera nougat

Puffed rice and coconut nougat

Sugar, honey, unpolished rice, adlay almond, coconut, lentil, raisin, egg white, starch syrup, starch / trehalose

Foraminifera is a singlecelled organism. They live in warmer oceans. The shell of Foraminifera is made of the same ingredient as chalk. The fossils found in Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-city, are small, about diameter 3~5mm. They look like Frisbees.
They are thought to be from 11 million years ago. Izu Peninsula is moving 3cm northwest every year. It turns out that they lived in the Izu Peninsula when it was very far south in the sea near the current location of South East Asia. Because the fossils are important evidence in understanding the history of Izu Peninsula, they should be protected and cherished.