Sand Spit Buttery sesame biscuit
Minami-izu town

Sand Spit Buttery sesame biscuit

Buttery sesame biscuit with fondant

Wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg, sesame, Matsuba, aloe (from Minamiizu)/ baking powder

- This biscuit cuts out the landscape of a white sandy beach (sesame) and gentle waves (blue fondant).

The bow shaped beach “Yumigahama” is situated at the estuary of Aono River and is renowned for its beautiful white sand and surrounding green pines. The coastline used to be located further inland, and the Minato area was just a creek. Later on, the ocean waves gathered sand into a bow shape, gradually over time, sand from the upper stream accumulated in Minato area as of now. The 1200 meter wide beach boasts its exceptional elegance and stands out among the neighboring rough coastline.