Obsidian Bamboo Charcoal candy
Izu City

Obsidian Bamboo Charcoal candy

Rice puff & Bamboo Charcoal candy

Sugar, starch syrup, unpolished rice (Izu product)/ bamboo charcoal, acidulant

A large volcanic eruption took place at Kawagodaira (a part of Izu Tobu Volcanic Group) about 3200 years ago. The event was characterized by an explosive eruption of the highly viscous magma, a plume rose high up into the sky and pumice and obsidian fragments fell across a large area. Pyroclastic flows also took place and the event eventually generated an obsidian-rich lava flow. The obsidian is characterized by a white dotted pattern due to the presence of plagioclase crystals. Today the lava flow acts as a water reservoir due to its porous nature, and when the water comes out of the layer in the form of springs it is utilized for horseradish cultivation.